Herb Lake Landing

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Our community takes part in the "Communities in Motion" program, which is designed to encourage residents to become active for life through exercise and recreation. Exercise equipment and a Wii Nintendo exercise game are available in the Seniors Building and we are fortunate to have a trained fitness trainer to assist. Communities in Motion encourages people to "Walk Your Way to Health" and an informal group of seniors meet for regular walks.

In 2009 our community won the Heart and Stroke challenge for the semi-active category and second prize overall for the province.


Many residents come to the beach for swimming. Depending on the water level of the lake, the water is usually shallow. A beach trail leads to the water and along the lakeshore.


There are a number of trails in the area: the beach trail, the hike up the cliffs, and the trail to Buzz Lake. There are a number of benches along the lakeshore where people can relax and enjoy the water and the sunsets.


The limestone cliffs along the lakeshore provide an interesting experience for rock climbers. There is a marked trail up the cliffs, but hikers should use caution as there are sharp drop offs and crevices are sometimes hidden by vegetation.


Most of the residents plant gardens. Under the encouragement of the Wabowden School, residents learned to garden in raised beds and to blend the soil to produce better crops. The ground in the spring at many of the residences at HLL is cold and wet, partly because the ice from the crevices in the cliffs is slow to melt. Summer residents, even if they are not in attendance for the entire season, can plant salad crops and enjoy the benefits of fresh greens.


The road into Herb Lake Landing from the highway, contains an abundance of Yellow Ladyslippers, a wild orchid, plus other wild flowers. Please do not pick or dig the Ladyslippers as once disturbed they will not grow back. We are very fortunate that they grow so abundantly in our area. A walk along the roadway is also interesting for the mosses and lichens that hang from the stunted trees.

Bunchberry Flower
Photo: Linda Butler


Walleye (pickerel) and Northern Pike are the fish most commonly caught in Wekusko Lake. Fishermen also enjoy fishing in Buzz Lake, a small nearby lake.


There are a variety of birds in the area. Pelicans nest on Wekusko Lake and are commonly seen feeding in the water at HLL. Loons are heard most times of the day and night. Eagles nest in large trees on the islands in Wekusko Lake, as the islands are usually free of predators. Ravens are common and their squawking often drives away smaller birds.


Wild blueberries grow in abundance in the Snow Lake area, particularly in old burn sites. Watch for them along the Snow Lake road. Blueberries do not grow at Herb Lake Landing as the limestone produces an alkaline soil and blueberries grow best in acidic soils. The best way to tell when the blueberries are ripe is to watch for parked cars along the highway.

Wild Blueberries
Photo: Marc Jackson


Many wild foods can be gathered in the area. The early Cree who gathered herbs and wild plants gave Wekusko Lake (Herb Lake) its name. Our knowledge of wild plant use has diminished over time and there is interest today in learning more about our native plants. A good reference book is: Aboriginal Plant Use in Canada's Northwest Boreal Forest by: Christina Clavelle, Leslie Monteleone, Natalie Tays, Donna Burns, Robin James Marles, Canada Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service. Published by: University of Washington Press June 2000.


For serious canoeists, the Grass River is an intermediate canoeing route that can be navigated in three weeks and stretches from Cranberry Portage to Split Lake. There are eight portages between Cranberry Portage and Wekusko Lake and 23 to Paint Lake.


Many people enjoy a day out on Wekusko Lake.


There is a golf course at Snow Lake.


The scenery is breathtaking at Herb Lake Landing and photographers enjoy the many views. Sunsets at Herb Lake Landing are spectacular. Our community faces west and we look out over Wekusko Lake. The hours of daylight are long in the summer and the reflections on the water change constantly as the sun sets.

. Fire Pit
Always Time for Coffee at Herb Lake Landing MB
Photo: Linda Butler



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